Resin Art

Resin Art

In order to create such unique and stunning pieces of resin art, Jules uses acrylics, mixed media and resin.  

The attraction of resin is the ability to create layers of colours to give depth of colour and an intensity that no other medium can achieve. In order to do this, not only do you have to be a good artist, but you need to have patience and accuracy.

Once the resin and chosen pigments are mixed, you need to apply heat; essentially your heat gun is your paint brush! Moving the resin over the canvas and allowing the pigments to mix and form cells and lacing, critical when recreating a wave in a seascape.

Its not just resin in resin art though..

Using crystals, metal leaf, fine glitter, iridescent powder and most of all using things found in and around the beautiful beaches and woodland around, shells, stones, wood.

Each piece is original and unique and is finished with a final coat of high gloss resin giving a glass effect.

You can see more examples of Jules’s Resin Art work by looking at the Resin Art Gallery, Facebook, Instagram and of course the Resin Art in our ecommerce store.