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In this increasingly pressured and materialistic work, many of us are looking and searching for a different path, another way to restore balance and harmony in our lives. Jules, through her beliefs and time spent understanding more spiritual ways, can help bring a renewed sense of inner calm – the search for peace and a connection to nature and our place within it.

And this passion to help others find harmony and a sense of who they are has found its natural place in the South Hams.

Dedicated to nature and bringing knowledge, experience and love for beauty in all things to offer guidance to increase our awareness of who we are, our place in this world and what we can be… everything, naturally yours.

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Please get in touch if you would like more information or to arrange a holistic healing consultation. And do take a few moments to read through our introduction to ‘Another Way’.


Holistic healing



Jules is an Earth Angel and has an incredible gift, I have rarely seen. Her generosity and kindness is given with such enthusiasm. She wants people to find their own angels and be happy…

D Hollett

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